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Κυριακή, Οκτωβρίου 17, 2004

Windows Installs

Where did this rumour that Windows is easier to install than Linux get started?

A simple work system, with Windows + drivers for everything + Web/Image/Video editor + Office took me about 5hrs and countless reboots

I've timed a full Fedora install and it's always taken me around 30 mins for the equivalent set up (software-wise) and a single reboot...

Obviously Gentoo is a different animal since setup takes ages but it saves so much more time in the long run that it doesn't matter...


  • I couldn't agree more... I haven't been able to perform a full Windows+Office+Drivers+Antivirus (= minimal resonable setup for MS-land) since Win3.11... (but there was no Office back then -or was there?)

    By Blogger vrypan, at 20 Οκτωβρίου 2004 - 12:55 π.μ.  

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